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Iranian Company Produces Analyzers to Detect 9 Air Pollutants
Original-source: https://ana.ir/1001UX

"Our company is operating in the field of manufacturing gas analyzers. Gas pollutants analyzers are instruments that can measure the density of air pollutant gases," said Mojtabi Rezaei, the managing director of the knowledge-based company in an interview with local Iranian media.

He said that the focus of the analyzers are on industrial pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, ammonia, mercury and carbon dioxide, adding, "The technology we used in this device is a type of laser technology as a most advanced technology in the world."

He, an expert and entrepreneur who has returned from Canada to Iran, said, "The implementation of this project started in Canada but I returned to our homeland with the support of the National Elite Foundation. The research was continued in Iran with the support of the National Elite Foundation and Pardis Technology Park."

Speaking about the superiorities of the domestically-produced measuring instrument in comparison with foreign-made imported ones, he said the Iranian-made devices are much more reasonably priced than the imported counterparts. Besides, the locally-made instruments are of higher quality which reduces their maintenance cost, he added.

The analyzers produced by this company are able to detect pollutant gases in industries in the form of a single gas. These devices are made to detect nine polluting gases, which include oxygen, carbon dioxide, and monoxide, as well as methane, H2S, and ammonia."

"This device has industrial applications, but it can also be used for urban environments," Rezaei concluded.

Original-source: https://ana.ir/1001UX

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